Is there a way to install Trac on nginx competely?

I have looked around and see there is a tutorial about installing Trac
on nginx but still require Apache. Does anyone here install Trac on
nginx? Is there a way to install Trac perfectly with only nginx?

On Nov 2, 2007, at 11:17 PM, Jonathan D. wrote:

You can also run trac as tracd with the embedded webserver and then
use nginx proxy module to balance between a few tracd’s


Trac supports FastCGI, and has sample lighttpd configs. If lighttpd
can do it, so should nginx:

You’ll obviously have to roll your own configs. Also, you’ll need
something (like spawn-fcgi, which I think is bundled with lighttpd) to
start your FCGI processes.

So, it won’t be as easy as following instructions, but it’ll be more
fun, right? :slight_smile:

PS. Redmine ( is a great alternative to Trac. :slight_smile:

thank you all. I am using spawn-fcgi to start fcgi process. But I
admit I have no idea about the config. Redmine looks good. Maybe I
will try it first before I can install Trac on nginx.