Is there a way to get access to a cookie stored a root site in a session set at subdomain level

being at root level, I stored a cookie
I can see the cookie in my browser

upon redirection, to url => ,
I would like to access this cookie, cookie[;login], but as I maintain
sessions at subdomain level, I have

how can I access the cookie[:login] ?

thanks for any clue …

I tried to use the :domain

cookies[:login] = { :value => 1, :domain =>“”, :expires
1.hour.from_now }
but no way cookies is not set for test

should I rather use ?
cookies[:login] = { :value => 1, :domain =>“”, :expires =>
1.hour.from_now }

Le mercredi 7 novembre 2012 18:46:31 UTC+1, Erwin a crit :