Is there a ruby on rails framework/app that would be a good starting point for these requirements?


Just wondering whether there is an existing open source Ruby on Rails
app that would be a good starting point for doing this:

  • want a backend web application/service that has an API to allow a
    desktop client application to programmatically upload complete web
    pages (HTML & images that the HTML links to) to be hosted
  • the web application API would have to support (a) create account for
    new user, (b) upload / modify / delete web pages for specified user
  • part of creating the account for user would be to set them up with a
    username/password, as the content needs to be private (user will need
    username/password to access)
  • so each of the accounts (setup with a user password) are all
    separate with no linkages - it’s just a service that will allow
    multiple users to have their own HTML/images hosted, and the point
    being that they won’t manually set this up themselves, but rather the
    clientside application will have the smarts to do this, therefore
    requires the back-end web application/service to provide the API

Any existing open source apps sound like they might fit these
requirements, RoR blog app, or RoR Wiki app or something? (but it
needs the programmatic APIs)

I guess the fallback for me would be to develop a website from the
ground up to do this (e.g. Ruby on Rails), but it would be nice to
have something as a starting point.


Sounds like a cms app for which there was a recent post on the list

Radiant is probably the best known. AdvaCMS looks quite promising, but
seems a bit immature at the moment. There’s also BrowserCMS

One that I like is Wagn:

It has a unique card like approach to cms.

Does sound like a project you might be able to build yourself - I
don’t know if any of the cms’s mentioned will let you serve uploaded
html pages. But you might be able to extend one to do it.

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