Is there a RR plugin for RPP?

Hi, all.

I and my friend are starting a new project and we decided to use Ruby
on Rails and pair programming.

The fact is that we live around 300km far from each other and we still
want to produce using pair programming, which brought us to the
possibility of Remote Pair Programming.

We know that “… IDEs like Eclipse and NetBeans offer their own
solutions. For NetBeans there is the The NetBeans Collaboration
Project and for Eclipse, the latest release candidate of the Eclipse
Communication Framework comes with the Cola plugin.”

We also know we should try VNC or LogMeIn solutions, but is there any
Cola-like plugin for the Ruby on rails environment?

Thanks in advance for any tip.

All the best,

I just heard that Eclipse has a plugin for RR which means we may use the
Cola plugin…

But how is it to make RAD using Eclipse?


2008/8/4 RR-GYN [email protected]