Is there a RESTful way to bulk create?

i’m working with a has_many :through association. a person has many
people through connections.

connection is the join model. the first step for the UI was to only
allow the creation of one connection at a time. I would show a
primary person and a list of possible connections with radio buttons.
the user would choose only one and hit submit. that’s clearly
restful: a POST to the create method in the ConnectionsController.

now, however, i’d like to allow users to create more than one
connection at a time. the app will present a checkbox list of
possible connections and the user can create many connections with one

Now the RESTful vision gets muddy for me.

I started writing a bulk_create method in my ConnectionsController,
but the controller started to feel less pure.

What should I do?

  1. add a bulk_create method and have it loop through the array of
    people do many POSTs to the original create method?
  2. add a bulk_create method and have it work directly to the
    Connection model?
  3. add a new array parameter to the orig create method so that a POST
    would create many new connections at once.

or is there another option? none of these feel like ideal. i’m
guessing this is a pattern that folks have encountered. but I didn’t
have much luck searching around.


or maybe I do a post to the index?


err. duh. scratch that.