Is there a Page Builder for Rails?

Is there a page builder for a Ruby gem CMS gem such as Spina or Alchemy?
If not, is there a page builder directly for Rails?
If not, is there a possibility to connect some non-Ruby page Builder, e.g. from the Wordpress word, to your Rails app?

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Yes, there are page builders for Ruby gem CMSs like Spina and Alchemy. Some popular ones include RefineryCMS and LocomotiveCMS.

For a page builder directly for Rails, you can try ComfyMexicanSofa or WYSIWYG editors like Froala and TinyMCE.

Integrating non-Ruby page builders like WordPress with Rails is possible, but it often requires more setup and customization.

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@FullMetalStacker - Have you checked out refinery?

Yes, but Refinery seems to be a regular CMS, not a page builder, i.e. a graphical interface to build complete websites on the actual page just by dragging & dropping.

These are the most common page builders: Page builders market share, websites and contacts - Wappalyzer
Most are plugins for Wordpress, but there are also stand-alone solutions such as WIX or Webflow.

So the question is if for one of the common Ruby CMS gems such as Spina, Alchemy, Refinery, Comfortable Mexican Sofa, etc. such a page builder plugin exists.

Thank you for helping. Very useful link!

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Actually, I had posted here a link to Maglev, but the post disappeared?

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