Is there a huge performance difference between using multipl

My application has multiple things on the interface that need to be
updated periodically. Some things every second, others not so much.
Some of these things are global, meaning they are on the interface at
all times, and some of these things are view specific. So what I
figured I would do is add the periodically_call_remote function for
the global elements and another one for the view specific elements.
The problem is, at times, there are 2 or 3 periodically_call_remote
functions running at the same time. Is this bad for performance?
Would it be better to call that function once and just pass it the
view that I’m on and give back anything that the view needs?
Basically merge these 3 function calls into one.

Thanks for the help.

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On 7/15/06, Ben J. [email protected] wrote:

merge these 3 function calls into one.
That depends. Its a trip back to the server so yes there is a pretty
decent difference(assuming you are targeting internet rather then a
LAN/intranet). If the periodic calls are updating things at around
the same interval you might want to look into combining them using
json. However if they are not updating at the same time then merging
them might actually hurt performance since you would be updating
everything(somethings too ofter and others just enough)

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