Is the append function at Enhancing_RoRs_AJAXUpdater now bui


I want to chat. I want my chatter to append chat to the end of a
conversation, using a specialization of periodically_call_remote that
appends its new content to the end of a span. I don’t want it to
download the entire conversation once per update.

(BTW, surfing all these chatty blogs, written in Rails with Ajax,
tends to put one of my IEs into multiple busy loops. I’l get back to
y’all about that!)

This page sez Matt researched how to append instead of replace, and he
offers it as a JS supplement:

My question is: Do I need to use that, or has that or similar
functionality since been added to the Rails distribution?

Using Google CodeSearch on one of Matt’s important statements didn’t
kick up anything…

Phlip ← NOT a blog!!

I seem to recall that if you have :update =>‘some_div’ then you can say
(for example) :position => :bottom for the html retrieved to be stuck at
the bottom of said div (and you should also be able to use :after, :top


Frederick C. wrote:

:position => :bottom

Thanks - it works great!

For future reference, Googling for “append” doesn’t do much, and
Googling for “bottom” is right out! :wink: