Is static access_log within if-in-location better than dynamic global?


According to, the access_log directive
cannot be used within an if in server, only within an if in

Indeed, it doesn’t actually work within an if directly within
server, but variables can be used to seemingly achieve identical
result. Or is it?

Use of variables is documented to result in repeated open/close of the
log-files, potentially alleviated by a cache that is turned off by

As such, if I only want to have three access_log files in total, and
most of the requests in question are served from a single location,
would I be much better off in using access_log within an “if in
location” a couple of times, or using a single global access_log with
a single variable that could have only a few possible values, through
global ifs, potentially with open_log_file_cache?

I guess using access_log without variables within “if in location”
would be much better, but I just want to confirm that it’s the case.

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