Is Ruby on Rails Dead in 2019?

Nope. It’s not.

I just wrote this post on the 6 advantages of Rails (video presentation is included). Would love your thoughts and feedback!


As per the Google Trends search shows that the Ruby interest over time isn’t decaying, but following the same pattern similar technologies are tracing.

Also, always keep in mind that programming languages are tools to solve specific problems, and that is why there is no such thing as the best programming language.

Ruby has gone through a lot of significant changes during the past year, and it is certainly not dying, but growing and evolving. The year of 2019 has a lot to the Ruby community.

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No, Ruby is not dead even in 2021.
According to the software development trends, Ruby on Rails is a great framework for 2021.


Some may say that monolithic architecture can become a problem as your application grows — this is a common misconception. There are tried-and-true practices that will help you SCALE YOUR ROR MONOLITH.

SPEEDING UP AND DOING MORE THINGS SIMULTANEOUSLY is what awaits applications that run on Ruby on Rails in 2021. If you want to harness this trend for your business, write to us and we will build a future-proof RoR application for you.

The performance of Ruby applications has tripled with the release of Ruby 3.0, tangible progress since the 2.0 version. At the same time, developers have come up with ways to further improve that performance.

Trends: What’s in Store for Ruby on Rails in 2021? — Rubyroid Labs

In adding your list below are some top benefits of Ruby on Rails.

Key Benefits of Ruby on Rails Platforms

  • Every Developer’s Choice: The simple and straight fact about Ruby on Rails developer friendly platform which enables them to develop applications faster, test the prototype, check feasibility, etc.
  • No Cost Platform: Being an open source platform, it can easily be loaded on Linux which makes it a perfect environment for every developer.
  • Strong Team Community: Similar to other open source community, the RoR platform is backed by a strong community which helps you with all the queries and challenges.
  • Standardized Coding: The coding conventions followed in RoR enables any development team to easily pickup the RoR framework based application developed by another team to manage and add new features or functionalities as needed by clients.
  • Build your own Plug-in and Gems: It also offers the flexibility to create your own plug-in and gems which can be use seamless thus apps which makes it much more flexible platform compared to others. Some of the largest players who have adopted RoR platform for their business applications are Airbnb, Github, Gitlab, Hulu, LivingSocial, Twitter, Groupon, Basecamp and many more.

Key Things to Consider RoR Platform before Starting Development Project

This section can be useful for the developers as well as the clients who are planning to develop applications for their business using Ruby on Rail platform. Considering the unending list of benefits, most of the start-up businesses choose RoR platform to build their web based applications. However, there are few things to be considered as listed below:

  • Choice of Application: Before starting the development or process of choosing the platform for the application, it is important to understand the nature of application and what business need will it serve. Key areas to think up on are focused audience, geography, innovativeness, and timeline.
  • Focused Audience: The simple reason why target audience of the client’s demographic region is important to know because it helps in understanding the comfort level of the users with the technology and platforms that they are use to. It helps developers to be more equipped with the right solutions that offer right solution.
  • Innovativeness: If the native users are more use to the Java or desktop applications then in order transform their experience, single page app based structure can be created with front-end based JS.
  • Timeline: For every developer as well as client, the timeline is one of the important factors as faster time to market prime aspect. Choose the RoR platform to deliver faster than the timeline.

Business Age: There are actually two things to taken into consideration like the age of business and the size of business.

  • Age of Business: If it is a start-up product application or retail application which can expect high scalability of users, the platform can be accordingly customized to provide high flexibility and scalability.
  • Size of Business: If you have an application which needs more flexibility and scalability then Rails can be the right platform for your business.