Is RDT from really dead?

Hi guys, I am Akira from Kyoto, Japan. I try to move from Java to Ruby.

I installed RDT from but it seems to have some bugs and
it does not help me much.
Then, I searched ruby-talk achives and finally found such article.
I cant believe it.

Is that real that RDT is now dead and we have to install DLTK which is
shown as “incubation” in software update of Eclipse?

The reason I cant believe it is that RDT includes jruby 1.1.0 in the
package so it must be new for the latest version of jruby is not far
from that.
and I have got reply from Christopher Williams, the developer of RDT,
about installation bug in latest RDT. so it must not be dead.

Tell me the truth. I can do nothing without Eclipse plugin