Is Rails on GoDaddy worth the hassle?

I have been trying to evaluate GoDaddy hosting for RoR. Quite
frustrating and painful to date.
I have setup a database and uploaded a test app (depot from AEDWR2).
Best results to date - ‘Internal Server Error’. The log reports
‘mod_rewrite: maximum number of internal redirects reached’.
‘RewriteOptions MaxRedirects=20’ doesn’t help.
I have seen references to GoDaddy’s RoR support being useless. Actually
it is worse than that. I have also seen plenty of plugs for other
hosting companies. But I am reluctant to pull the plug just yet. My
HTML and PHP apps are working fine with GoDaddy and I still suspect
rails might work out if I can just get my foot in the door. Is anyone
actually using GoDaddy for rails? Is anyone satisfied? Is anyone
willing to share a tip or two on what it takes to make it work?

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