Is Rails 2.3 a first step towards Rails 3.0...?



I just had a look at new features for Rails 2.3

I have been reading that is created specially
for Rails 2.3.

I would like to know… if this Rails 2.3 a first step towards Rails
3.0…? I mean what ever i study for Rails 2.3 will be helpful in Rails
3.0 as well and this features will continue in Rails 3.0 as well.

Has Rails gradually started adding Merb advantages with Rails 2.3 or not

Pl. Help here…



a new version of rails is always a step ahead. of course you can
profit of any knowledge you gain on rails 2.3 since the most of it
will still be true in rails 3. there will be new things in 3 and there
will be some deprecated things, but basically it’s still rails and not
merb or anything else. don’t worry too much. just keep on learning and

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