Is Rack right for this?


My 2.3.2 app has 2 components. It serves a browser-based client, and
it serves a web service client. Each client has its own set of
controllers to separate authentication / authorization cleanly and
clearly. The web service client sends gets, posts, and puts, some
with xml bodies, and the app responds with status / location and xml
bodies where appropriate. I’m in the beginning stages of moving the
app to Rails 3. One thing I’d like to accomplish is to reduce the
start-up overhead associated with the web service requests if
possible. I really don’t need / use the erb functionality in
constructing the responses, for example. The thing I don’t have my
arms around at this point is how to get the controller and model
‘stuff’ loaded without the bulk of the view ‘stuff’.’ Anybody got any
experience / insight to share. I don’t seem to have my google fu in


I’ve been using Sinatra for API stuff lately and love it. In
particular I’ve been getting great results with async Sinatra via Kyle
Drake’s Sammy Davis Junior boilerplate. I’m on a mobile device now,
otherwise I’d give you a link.

You could just write your own rack app, but that’s probably not

Another thing to check out is Goliath.