Is Phusion Passenger really supported?

And if so, is there a better place than the google group?

I have installed twice on OS X 10.6.8 (with nginx, using rvm), once on a
dev system where I have had absolutely no problem, and once on a test
system where PassengerHelperAgent crashes and results in the app being
inaccessible every few requests–sometimes it doesn’t even serve a
single request before dying.

I posted in the google group on Aug 30th, and have gotten 0 responses. I
did use google first, and found a very few similar-sounding reports, but
no resolution.

Passenger Phusion 3.0.17, ruby 1.9.3p194, nginx 1.2.1, rails 3.2.6. I’m
considering just ripping everything out and reinstalling, but
considering that I tried to follow the same procedure on both installs
and I have this problem, I don’t know whether that could make a
difference, nor can I think of anything different to try during install.

Scott R.
[email protected]
(303) 722-0567 voice