Is mock Object the best way to test scheduling system with a

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well.
I am working on a scheduling system that dealing with a
lot. It is getting tricky to write test code for the function.

suppose a function in a model:

def expired?
self.expire_time <=

i was wondering what is the best way to test it. Or should I say
that I should design the function in the following way (more

def expired?(time)
     self.expire_time <= time

then I should use it in the following way :  object.expired?

it is also easier to write test code.

Any comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)


You could use Mocha ( to temporarily stub
the method for the duration of an individual test. Something
like this…

require ‘mocha’

def test_me
specific_time = Time.parse(‘2007-01-01 06:30:00’)
Time.stubs(:now).returns(specified_time) # => Mon Jan 01 06:30:00 +0000 2007

This is genius ~~ how simply the dirty work could be done !

Great thanks to James :slight_smile: