Is it possible to track third-party clickthroughs via a fram

Does anyone know if the following is possible with a framed page?
Basically, we would frame a web page allow the user to navigate to
third party sites. Every time the user clicks through to links within
that other site, our framing site would somehow receive an AJAX click-
through with the URL that was clicked on. In this way, we would be
able to track where users go through the framed page.

This could obviously be done by first pulling the third party site and
replacing the links with re-directs that are then captured on click-
through. However, I don’t want to do that because (1) it’s intensive,
slow and could break links, and (2) it may upset the third party site
and create a copyright issue.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


I’m no expert at this type of thing, but I would check to see if you
can capture an onclick event from the frame/iframe. If you can’t do
that then I’m guessing you can’t do it easily, although maybe you
could put a transparent absolute-positioned block over the whole frame
and capture the click then retransmit it through, but that might be
really tricky and buggy.