Is it possible to read GError raised by GStreamer?


I use ruby-gnome2 bindings to operate on GStreamer.

When my pipeline raises an error, I catch it on the bus.

The message that I receive is associated with so-called “structure”,
which actually contain two keys, for example:

gerror = #<#Class:0x7f7960ee7b78:0x7f7960ee78d0>
debug = gsttcpserversrc.c(437): gst_tcp_server_src_start ():
bind failed: Address already in use

as debug can be translated by OS, I need to get into code of gerror.
Seems that class is unnamed, and contains no specific functions to the

Is there any way to read that?


hi marcin -

not sure if this helps at all - i may well be misunderstanding the
question - but i use gstreamer with gtk2, and i parse the error messages
like this…

bus = @pipeline.bus
bus.add_watch {|bus, message|
case message.type
when Gst::Message::ERROR
p message.parse


I’ll check that later, thanks!


2011/2/18 J. K. [email protected]: