Is it possible to have an image based button with DYNAMIC te


I wanted to move to more web 2.0 style buttons (i.e. images created in
photoshop) but I’m not sure how to keep the flexibility of the button
Currently I have text in properties, for multiple languages (i.e. one
per language). This makes it easy in terms of changing language
Having to create specific image buttons manually for each set of text,
each language, each time I wanted to adjust the text, obviously isn’t
sounding great.

Does anyone know the answer to any of these questions:

  1. Are there any tricks re maintaining the flexibility of displaying
    text from this respect, but with the look and feel of web 2.0 type

  2. Is it possible to have dynamic text displayed within an
    imagesomehow perhaps?

  3. What about via slicing up a web 2.0 type of button style into
    top/button & corners so that it is possible to create what looks like
    a web 2.0 button using DIV techniques (like when one creates a
    square to keep a variable length amount of text in), and then having
    text appear within this?

  4. Other ideas?


  1. Other Ideas?

But I’m not so sure you want to drag another Javascript framework into

tks - this seems to the HTML 4.0 “Button” as it’s basis. Do you know
a) does Rails, Prototype or Scriptaculus support the same thing?
b) any general browser compatibility issues re relying on HTML 4.0
c) is this the only way to allow dynamic text to be represented within
image for a browser?

Tks again

tks Andrew,

I think I’m still more interested in discovering if (and how) to
implement a
dynamic text within a stylized button via HTML/CSS/Javascript if there
is a
standard way to do this.

If anyone has any pointers re this (i.e. HTML/CSS/javascript mechanism)
be very interested to hear details re the approach.


Is it possible to have dynamic text displayed within an image
somehow perhaps?

Take a look at:

Andy S.