Is here a way to use a rtl-sdr with direct sampling mod on GNU Radio


I have a pre modified rtl-sdr like this
which can receive vhf and shortwave directly.
On windows shortwave listening works fine with hdsdr if I enable
direct-sampling on Q branch in extIO.
Now I am on Linux and I am tested gnu radio.
GNU Radio is by building with blocks a very powerful tool. But it seems
there is no way to receive HF except with a HF up converter.

I there any other way to receive shortwave on GNU radio?

Thanks for your answers in advance.

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the solution is to use “direct_samp=2” in the device arguments.

Tested with both GNU Radio and GQRX (the latter has to be restarted
after switching to direct sampling mode). I also have a modified RTL-SDR
(PCB says it’s by BA5SBA), which looks just like the OP’s one.

Arguments for the Osmocom/RTL-SDR source block are documented here: