Is Communication chain correct?

I want to set up a communication chain. what I do is :
Vector source → Framing → DBPSK modulation → DBPS demodulation →
char_to_float → simple_correlator → vector sink.

but what I have in the vector sink is nothing. vector is an empty
while I know that the input of correlator is stream of bits but its out
is nothing.
what can be the problem?
the code is uploaded.


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Typically we debug these kind of thing by logging intermediate results
to files (using gr.file_sink), and then look at the resulting files
using octave or matplotlib. There are tools in gr-utils/src/python
(which get installed in ${prefix}/bin) and .m files in
gnuradio-core/src/utils which may be useful.

Many of the examples and the implementations in blks2impl have
extensive logging which may be enabled. Please take a look at those
to see the basic pattern.