Is anyone still using gettext?

For the last few months I’ve been using “fast_gettext” +
“gettext_i18n_rails” for i18n in my Rails 3 application. While it
mostly works, there’s always been a problem with extracting
untranslated strings from the code. As far as I know, the original
gettext toolchain does not support Ruby. There’s also the “gettext”
gem but it hasn’t been updated on GitHub since August 2010 and seems
to be unmaintained now. Even though it does not work with Rails 3 and
newer RubyGems without patching (and I had to fork it and fix it),
“gettext_i18n_rails”'s README says that one should use it for
extracting strings for translation.

All this makes me think that I’m missing something obvious. Has
everyone abandoned gettext/fast_gettext and is using Rails’ builtin
i18n mechanism? If not, what tool do you use to extract translations?

Hi !

I’m also very interested in the same issue. We are using the same
environment, but gettext gem seems to be no longer maintained, so we
are wondering how do people are extracting strings for translations.