“Microsoft has released early code for its Ruby-on-.NET scripting
during a week of actively courting developers and community feedback.
Four months after announcing IronRuby, Microsoft has released source
for the .NET scripting language under the Microsoft Permissive License
(MPL). Microsoft is also accepting source code contributions to the
IronRuby and its libraries will be offered to the community’s RubyForge
by the end of August, for download and further contributions.”

continua su IronRuby opened to all comers • The Register

On Fri, 2007-14-09 at 13:08 +0900, John L. (CLR) wrote:

From: Michael T. Richter [mailto:[email protected]]

Of course someone could just make a GPLed version of the CLR, seeing as how it’s standardized
and all:

You mean Mono (or maybe I missed a smiley)? Redirecting…

Nah, I missed the smiley. My mistake. Mono. Gnu.NET. A couple of
others. I rather doubt that IronRuby, by virtue of being CLRed, is
going to lock the world into MS even if MS somehow gets to Matz and
wrests control of Ruby away from him.