IronRuby testing WAS: IronRuby community and communications

The rspec specs will probably be more useful as a measure of
completeness, but they do require that an implementation can at least
successfully run them (albeit not perfectly) so that errors and missing
features can be gathered. I’m not sure if IronRuby is to that point yet
or not. We have been running some of Rubinius’s specs in JRuby for
several months, along with just about every test suite we can get our
hands on.

Early on when I was actively working on libraries I was porting the
Rubinius specs to work on my stripped down version of mini-spec. It’s
been a couple of months since I visited that code, and we have a lot
more core language features working now. It’s on my list of things to do
next week to see what the gap looks like to run mini-spec natively on


What are the chances of the Ruby.NET folks being able to
see/use/help with that work?

Not sure what you mean here … the Rubinius specs are available from
their svn tree, along with mini-spec, which is their driver. I wrote my
own simple test driver that is available in our test tree. The license
lets you use that code however you wish … :slight_smile:

I had to modify some of the specs since they were using language
features that we didn’t have working yet at the time (like instance
variables :). I suspect we’re likely to be in a much better position to
run the native specs today, but I haven’t looked yet.