IronRuby Support with VWD 2008 ---- Cheers


I’m quoting the latest blog by ScottGu for Silverlight 2.0

Developers can write Silverlight applications using any .NET language
(including VB, C#, JavaScript, IronPython and IronRuby). We will ship
Visual Studio 2008 and Expression Studio tool support that enables great
developer / designer workflow and integration when building Silverlight

In response to a comment posted to the above blog, ScottGu answered as

Hi Ming,

I hope it can on VWD 2008…

We’ll also support Silverlight development with VWD 2008.



It clearly means, we shall be getting the IronRuby advantage on VWD2008
as well, since IronRuby is one of the 5 languages helping you to build
SilverLight 2.0.

Pl. correct me if i am wrong

I hope, what i understand is true.