Ironruby packages

Hello all,

I’m the author of pik[1], which is a tool similar to RVM, but for
Windows. I recently got a report that people can’t install the latest
IronRuby packages via pik [2]. This is because the latest packages
aren’t available on RubyForge. Currently, pik just scrapes the
rubyforge files page to determine what IronRuby packages are
available. I plan on coming up with a better solution than scraping,
but my other concern is that I can’t find any direct download links on
codeplex. You have to agree to their license agreement before a
download can begin.

If anyone has any ideas of how I can solve this problem, and improve
pik’s ability to install newer IronRuby packages, I would greatly
appreciate it.


Gordon T.

[1] GitHub - vertiginous/pik: Ruby version manager for Windows
[2] gist:766812 · GitHub

Hey Gordon,

We used to put IronRuby on RubyForge as well,, but stopped because we didn’t
anyone was using them. Sounds like pik was the one consumer, sorry! As
the CodePlex direct link issue, I think there is a direct link (via HTTP
GET) that we could publicize, but I’m not sure what it is at this point,
though firing up Fiddler and watching what CodePlex does should answer
question. If you can’t figure it out, we’ll find some other way of
a direct download link.