IronRuby on Mono update

I updated instructions and patches here:

So, the current summary is:

  1. Build Mono from SVN (tested r88240)
  2. Checkout IronRuby from SVN (tested r50)
  3. Apply patch-mono (which fixes Rakefile and includes DLR changes
    shared with FePy)
  4. rake compile mono=1

You don’t need NAnt anymore.

Sanghyeon S.:

You don’t need NAnt anymore.
Thanks for testing this out! I’ve updated the Rakefile to contain some
of your patches. I’m not sure about changing the default settings for
the console, though - we may need to conditionally compile that stuff or
provide a config switch.

I successfully compiled under Mono, and basic things do work. However,
we don’t run the tests or the specs at all and we run into failure
scenarios virtually right away. I’ll build a small repro and send over
to the Mono folks so that they can investigate the failures in more