IronRuby moving to Github

The IronRuby project is a community project, and has contributors inside
and outside of Microsoft. We have integrated the work of several
external folks into the product (thanks!), and we are making rapid

We’d like to try to make things easier. We’d like to not be in the way
of community work on IronRuby; we’d like to give the community a little
more ownership over this project. Ideally, we would all work out of the
same repository, but this can’t happen right now. However, we have some
ideas to make things easier.

First, we’re moving to Github. I’ll be creating the Ironruby project on
Github at This will be the same
user on Github that we use for IronRuby-contribs, and our versions of
RubySpec. The biggest upside of this is that anyone can fork IronRuby
and work on it, and submit a pull request to get it integrated back into
the main tree. However, we don’t want to be in the way of accepting

Next, we’re going to institute a Linux-like system of Lieutenants. We’re
looking for people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the
IronRuby project to take on this role. The goal of this system is to
streamline the process, and make it easier for our external contributors
to get code into IronRuby. We’d like to have Lieutenants who can take
the patches and pull requests, code review them, and then commit them to
their trees. Then we can pull these forks into our repository when we do
pushes, and integrate it into one repo. Our hope is that we can be
viewed as just one node in the tree, or ring. We shouldn’t have to be
the central repository; we’re just one of the repositories.

Finally, we are going to be getting rid of the history in SVN, which for
the most part is a bunch of commits saying “sync to the head of TFS.” We
are doing this to get a fresh start. The layout of the new Git
repository is going to exactly match our internal layout. That makes
maintaining the transforms from TFS to GIT much easier. It also will
make things easier when talking about the locations of files.

We hope that these changes will make things easier for all of you.



Whoo hoo! Great job guys! This is very exciting. One question though,
folks still need to have a signed agreement to contribute code?

You have no idea what this news means to me. It’s like… IronRuby is
really getting started…

More then willing to continue helping in any way I can. :slight_smile:

This is absolutely brilliant and same here - i’m keen to be of some
assistance (although i’m more passionate than knowledgable about

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