IronRuby "Fusion" (VB6 , VBScript, Javascript)

In the same vein as VB “Fusion”:

I’ve found that creating a COM-callable wrapper that hosts IronRuby is
pretty easy to put together. I actually was initially trying to be able
to execute IronRuby from VB6 (using vbScript) and I got that working.

From there, since the ActiveX wrapper now existed, I was able to get
classic ASP pages (through both server-side VBScript and Javascript) to
use IronRuby.

Javascript seems a little better fit, as you can create some dynamic
objects on the js side, send them to IronRuby, and have those objects
updated with results based on the script you’re executing.

Just wanted to give a heads up here in case someone else finds this
Please let me know through the forum/mailing list if you would like some
tips getting this up and running.