IronRuby binary disribution

Does the IronRuby binary distribution have any dependencies on the MRI
distribution? If I require a standard Ruby library from IronRuby, I get
an error that there is “no such file to load”.

I unzipped the binary distribution to the root of the C drive. I then
added C:\IronRuby\bin to my system PATH variable. Now I can open a
command prompt and start ir. I can require .net libraries - all works.
However, if I try to require a standard ruby library, I get an error
(see text below.)

require ‘net/http’IronRuby.Libraries:0:in require': no such file to load -- net/http (LoadError) from Microsoft.Scripting.Core:0:in UpdateAndExecute’ from Microsoft.Scripting.Core:0:in Update3' from :0 from Microsoft.Scripting.Core:0:in InvokeTarget’ from Microsoft.Scripting.Core:0:in `Run’



Hi Mark,

try running the console with something like:
ir -I

of course the paths need to be adapted to how they are on your computer.


2008/8/13 Mark B. [email protected]