IronRuby at RailsConf 2009


Write-up of the IronRuby R.Conf 2009 talk:

  •      IronRuby runs real Rails applications: 

o Along with other Ruby web frameworks:

  •      Using ActiveRecord outside of Rails is useful for simple 

database interaction (migrations, for example), and in WinForms
databinding with ActiveRecord.

  •      New project to enable deploying Rack-based applications on 

IIS with IronRuby:

  •      Direct integration with ASP.NET through ironruby-mvc: 
  •      Special thanks to contributors and starting projects based on 


o More information on contributing to IronRuby:

  •      Project statics on 84% RubySpec 


  •      Startup performance has also been a focus of improvement as 

of late, and by building an adaptive interpreter/compiler (like
IronPython now has) Rails startup time decreased from about 85 to 30
seconds (2.8x improvement), without sacrifice for throughput