IronRuby and Cucumber

Hi folks,

I have just done some changes to Cucumber
(GitHub: Let’s build from here · GitHub) so it works on

It would be great if someone here could check out the instructions and
let me know if it looks ok:

It takes about 30 seconds to get it up and running (several gems are
loaded - I suspect that’s what makes startup slow).


EXCELLENT!!! I was going to take a look this weekend to see if I
could get it to work, also means I can edit my article to include
Cucumber now :wink:

Means I can now deep dive into Cucumber itself

Thank you!


Hi Aslak,
thanks for taking the time to make it compatible, and for the write-up

I’ll definitely give it a try. I was pretty sure this kind of release
happen soon :slight_smile: (

cheers and thanks again for your work,

– Thibaut