I haven’t never programming anything with gui. Just have doing 2 years
web developing.

We have WC3: dota community. Right now, there is:
User comes to irc, talks with admin/s, and if his not some kind of
banevader, he gets voice (user/pass).
User auth-s, and now he can use command !add. If he uses this command,
he will be added to next player list.
When 10 players is added, then they all join to hamachi channel(to get
vpn connect). Now, one hosts game and others join there.

Right now, its pretty good system, except that we dont have much access
to users and user needs to have hamachi/irc. In quakenet they can use
hostmask. Sometimes they send some other banned user to hamachi and so

We want to get this all to one program.

Is it possible? Some suggestions. Will it be really hard work?

In program, we need to use irc module, or we can do other way? We have
dedicated server, so all should go through it.

Sorry about bad english :slight_smile:

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