IR -e not returning error codes properly

This problem manifests itself when running rspec tests under IronRuby
(through our Rakefile), and I think i’ve found a simple reproduction
of the issue using the following command-line sequence.

MRI does this:

D:>ruby -e ‘exit(777)’
D:>echo %errorlevel%

IR does this:

D:>ir -e ‘exit(666)’
D:>echo %errorlevel%

I’ve tried this against the current HEAD (03054a5be81), and it fails.
You guys happy for me to log this in CodePlex? Is there any possible
work-around in the meantime, as our RSpec rake tasks are passing when
they should fail.


Not repro’ing here. Can you recompile from VS just to check? If it still
happens, contact me offlist and I’ll get those binaries and see if I can
repro with your bits.