Ipaddress 0.6.0 released

ipaddress version 0.6.0 has been released!

IPAddress is a Ruby library to manipulate IPv4 and IPv6 addresses in a
modern and productive way. In this release we focused on making the
library more compatible with IPAddr.

I’ve just opened a discussion group to discuss about future
developments, feature requests and support. You’re more than welcome
to join:


Feel free to come back to me for any question, bug report or feature
Hope you will enjoy it!

Here is the changelog:

== ipaddress 0.6.0

=== API changes

  • IPv4#to_s now returns the address portion only,
    to retain compatibility with IPAddr. Example:

    #=> “” # ipaddress 0.6.0

    #=> “” # ipaddress 0.5.0

  • IPv6#to_s now returns the address portion only,
    to retain compatibility with IPAddr. Example:

    IPAddress “2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a/64”.to_s
    #=> “2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a” # ipaddress 0.6.0

    IPAddress “2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a/64”.to_s
    #=> “2001:db8::8:800:200c:417a/64” # ipaddress 0.6.0

  • IPv6::Unspecified#to_s, IPv6::Loopback and
    IPv6::Mapped#to_s now return the address portion only,
    to retain compatibility with IPAddr.

  • IPv4::summarize now returns an array even if the
    result is a single subnet, to keep consistency
    and avoid confusion

=== New methods

  • IPv4#to_string and IPv6#to_string: print the address
    with the prefix portion, like the #to_s method in
    ipaddress 0.5.0
  • IPAddress::parse, for those who don’t like the wrapper
    method IPAddress()
  • IPv6#to_string_uncompressed, returns a string with the
    uncompressed IPv6 and the prefix
  • IPv6::Mapped#to_string, returns the IPv6 Mapped address
    with IPv4 notation and the prefix
  • IPv6#reverse, returns the ip6.arpa DNS reverse lookup
  • IPv4#arpa and IPv6#arpa, alias of the respective #reverse
  • Prefix#+, Prefix#-

=== Library structure

  • Moved all the IPAddress module methods from
    lib/ipaddress/ipbase.rb to lib/ipaddress.rb
  • Removed IPBase superclass
  • IPv4 and IPv6 classes no longer inherit from IPBase
  • Removed lib/ipaddress/ipbase.rb
  • Removed test/ipaddress/ipbase_test.rb

=== Minor fixes

  • Replaced Ruby 1.9 deprecated Hash#index with Hash#key
  • Removed require ruby-prof from tests which was causing
    users to install ruby-prof or manually remove the line
  • Removed “must” method from tests, replaced by normal
    Test::Unit methods
  • Removed duplicate Jeweler entry in Rakefile
  • Made Integer#closest_power_of_2 more general by adding
    an optional limit parameter
  • Fixed summarization algorithm (thanks to nicolas fevrier)
  • Fixed bug in prefix_from_ip (thanks to jdpace)

=== Documentation

  • Normalized README rdoc headers
  • Added documentation for IPAddress::Prefix
  • Added documentation for IPAddress::IPv4 and
  • Fixed formatting
  • Fixed lots of typos

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