Ipad autodiscovery

Hi All
I have my owa reverse proxy working. For some strange reason, all ipads
cannot now sync. Android is fine. I am seeing an error that they are
to connect using autodiscovery and I am not seeing a way to disable this
IOS. Is there a way then to proxy the autodiscovery attempt in nginx?


Thanks for the pointer. I took a look at the solution. From what I
though, that user used his solution for all clients. My problem that I
trying to figure out is that the Android Phones work just fine. I guess
was just trying to see if anyone could help me figure why only the later
model iphones and ipads refused to work. Even the iphone 4 works just

See here:

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I might have read it wrong but it seems that you could create fake files
device is looking for or just return a 200 for such requests.

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Setup an accesspoint with raw logging and let an iphone go trough that,
what it’s doing.

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Well I have been testing this further. What I have found is that the
is really not autodiscovery. When the device initially tries to connect
uses autodiscovery but when that fails, you are presented with several
boxes to type in the server name, domain name etc. At this point, when I
put in all this information in the iphone, and click next, I get the
: Unable to verify Account. What bugs me is the Android works fine. I
added now about 15 android phones and they all work just fine with nginx
a reverse proxy to exchange. I can’t imagine what the iphone is doing
differently. I have been scouring through logs to try and figure it out
nothing yet.