IO.popen and gets

in order to get the answer of rsync when doing a backup with ruby, i
make use of IO.pope like that :

f = IO.popen("#{RSYNC} -a#{verboseStr} #{progressStr} --eahfs
“#{i.path}” “#{@usbkey.stringValue.to_s}”", “r”)
while( r = f.gets ) do
log( “#{r}” )

it works but not the way i’d like to get.

if i do :
#{RSYNC} -a#{verboseStr} #{progressStr} --eahfs “#{i.path}”

on a terminal, i get each line, given by rsync, at a time thru Ruby it
isn’t exactly the same, i get the whole lines at a time, thought i’d
prefer one after each other avoiding the user to be bored, because it
sees something …

may be i’m wrong somewhere with this part :

while( r = f.gets ) do
log( “#{r}” )