Invitation to try Unhatched on Rails Rumble

Hey all,

I wanted to invite you to try out our Rails Rumble entry: Unhatched

Unhatched is a place to keep track of all those business ideas that
you always have but forget to write down. A unique part of our site
is that the whole thing is hand illustrated by Gino Barzizza, one of
NYC’s up and coming artists.

We met all our goals for the weekend (except OpenID, sorry Dr. Nic).
It could use some image optimizations but besides that it’s pretty

Check it out here:

I’d be interested in your feedback.


I to competed in the rails rumble last weekend. It was a great time.

Not to spam the group or take anything away from Nathan, but I would
like to share our project as well.

It is a simple way for small businesses to share files internally and
with external vendors by using a stupid simple permissions scheme and
invitation system. We achieved 85% of our goals. We did not get a
chance to implement file versioning and ran out of time before
finishing the user management section and logging. Billing will be
added later (after the contest), but it is free for the moment.

Good luck you and your team Nathan. I hope you enjoyed the contest as
much as we did.


On Sep 14, 11:07 am, blinkingbear [email protected] wrote:

I wanted to invite you to try out our Rails Rumble entry: Unhatched

Hey, another rumbler here (
visit). Just wanted to say Unhatched was one of my favorite entries. I
LOVE the idea. I’ve been looking for a good way to keep track of
project ideas and this looks like the perfect solution. Plus the
design is amazing. So different than everything else I’ve been seeing
lately. Just wanted to say congrats. You put my app to shame :wink: