Invitation to SDRA-2015 and HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen

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Call for Papers:
HAMRADIO Friedrichshafen Software Defined Radio Academy 2015

Saturday 27.06.2015

Conference Websites:

SDRA-2015 invites researchers from acadaemia, industry and radio
amateurs to submit papers for oral and poster presentations on recent,
unpublished research that addresses theoretical aspects, algorithms,
applications, hardware and software architectures for applied
Software Defined Radio systems and resources and other aspects of
SDR, as well as survey and discussion papers. The invitation
particularly addresses open source research and projects. We also
particularly invite specialists giving introductory talks and
tutorials on SDR technologies.

SDRA Topics:

  • Advances in GNURadio related projects and research
  • Algorithms, applications, architectures in SDR systems
  • Real Time signal processing
  • Innovative applications using modern ADC/DAC environments

Submission Information

How to submit: Please send an abstract of approximately 250 words to:

[email protected]

Please include the following information:

  • Paper title
  • Author’s name (and callsign). Names and callsigns of all authors if
    multiple authors.
  • Author’s affiliation
  • Country
  • Email address of the main author

All accepted papers will be published. Publication details will be
available at a later point of time.

We ask authors to keep a limit of 6 pages. If there is a reason why the
paper should be longer, please contact us.

We also solicit Posters and Demo papers: Poster/Demo papers describe a
small focused result, a negative result, or a late-breaking result, or a
description of a system that can be demonstrated on-site at the

Papers should be formatted using the IEEE A4 templates:


  • Prof. Dr. Michael H., DK5HH
  • Markus Heller, M.A., DL8RDS
  • Klaus Kaiser, DB3TK
  • Ulrich Neumann, DF4QC

Senior Programme Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Michael H., HS Bremen, DK5HH
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Niemetz, OTH Regensburg, DG2RAM
  • Prof. Dr. Michael Mächtel, HTWG Konstanz, DL2SBS

Important Dates:

  • Abstract Submission: 17.04.2015
  • Acceptance Notification: 16.05.2015
  • Presentation Slides: 25.06.2015
  • Paper Presentation: 27.06.2015
  • Paper Submission: 11.07.2015


For enquiries and paper submission details please do not hesitate to
contact us:

Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +49.89.420956305-0