Invitation to join Rubyists.EU!

Dear Ruby enthusiasts,

At the beginning of October, 2009, we embarked on a project, sweeping
in both scope and ambition. Inspired by the current integration trends
in an ever shrinking world with porous boundaries, we firmly believe
that the Internet has dismantled the final barriers that prevent
people from promoting their work, sharing their knowledge, and
cooperating with one another. Yet, after numerous futile attempts to
establish better communication and keep in touch with Rubyists from
Europe, we decided that the time had come to give our little
contribution to the Ruby community in Europe.

Driven by the idea that Ruby/Rails user groups in the Old Continent do
have something to show and share, we came up with the concept of
Rubyists.EU. In its essence, this initiative is a free of charge
communications platform, which aims at encouraging better
communications among Ruby/Rails communities and developers across
Europe. Its brave mission is to promote awareness, enhance assistance,
and further boost cooperation and collaboration among individual
hackers and user groups in Europe. The Rubyists.EU initiative harbors
the grand vision that in time, by forging long lasting bonds, European
Rubyists could foster a sense of belonging to something bigger than
their local communities. Thus, we would like to extend an open
invitation and encourage you to join forces on the Rubyists.EU arena
of action and interaction.

This initiative has the potential to become a treasure trove for
enthusiastic communities in Europe. By partaking in Rubyists.EU,
members can attach an extra layer of visibility to their Ruby/Rails
groups and respectively, to themselves. Hackers have the opportunity
to join new communities or even found their own. Rubyists can share
interesting details about their regular group meetups, bring
interesting events and conferences to the attention of others,
announce special presentations, make their groundbreaking Ruby
advancements public, publish the pioneering Ruby projects they are
working on, or simply chat with fellow developers. Hopefully, the
Rubyists.EU initiative will grow into a living and breathing idea,
which can precipitate the development of a robust Ruby community in

In that context, we require your assistance. Due to factors, which are
entirely out of our reach, we are unable to reach all the separate
Ruby/Rails groups in Europe. Please, raise awareness of the
Rubyists.EU initiative and forward this invitation to all the user
groups and developers you know in your country or in other states in

We would like to inform you that only user groups are allowed to join
the Rubyists.EU hub for the moment.Yet, individual Ruby enthusiasts
are warmly encouraged to join our group on LinkedIn and to subscribe
to our mailing list . You can also join us on Facebook or follow us on
Twitter. Our Twitter policy stipulates that we follow only Ruby/Rails
groups, conferences, and special events. Yet, feel free to follow us
and receive a daily update about what is hot in Ruby Europe.
Furthermore, developers and enthusiasts can also chat with other
Rubyists on the IRC channel on Freenode: or exchange
enlightening information on our public Google Wave channel. In the
near future, we will be implementing an individual registration form
in the Rubyists.EU website, which will grant hackers exclusive access
to various features embedded in this platform. After all, the
Rubyists.EU initiative should benefit the European Ruby community and
its members in general.

Thank you very much for your attention and your assistance!

We are looking forward to seeing how your participation in Rubyists.EU
can shape the vision of Ruby in Europe!

United We Stand Out!

The Rubyists.EU crew