Invalid argument

Dear list,

I gitted the v3.6.2 tag with Boost 1.51 and Windows 7 x64 MSVC 2010. I
have these following lines:

grTop = gr_make_top_block(std::string(name));
grTop->connect(gr_make_null_source(sizeof(gr_complex)), 0,
gr_make_null_sink(sizeof(gr_complex)), 0);

and I get these warnings:

: Invalid argument
gr_pagesize: no info; setting pagesize = 4096
: Invalid argument

But the program still works. I am not sure it is related with gnuradio
because I did not found any reference to “Invalid argument”.
Sometimes appears “P: No such file or directory”, many others the “>” is
replaced by some strange parameter. I guess it is related with boost
1.51 maybe.

It is not critical but it is quite annoying.

Do you have some hint?


Pol H.
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On 09/10/2012 06:08 AM, Pol H. wrote:

It is not critical but it is quite annoying.

Do you have some hint?

I have a suspicion that its related to loading the fftw wisdom file.
See if you can find the print here: ./src/lib/general/


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