Introduction/Learning JRuby

Hey guys,
I am relatively new to the Ruby Language been learning since the past
half month about it. I have actually also been assigned a student
project to develop an android app so i decided to choose jruby as a
platform as i am assuming it would help me improve my ruby programming
skills as well.
1)Please inform me which books/material would be the best to start off
with learning app dev in Jruby( This is the first time i am developing
an android app):have already seen Jruby Documentation/github
Documentation of Jruby,Am looking for some other video
tutorials/books/documentation which you would recommend
2)I have read online that i will have to learn how to use the Android
SDK tools apart from learning how to use jruby-Is there anything else i
should learn apart from these two?
I am relatively new to this field so please forgive my lack of knowledge
.I would prefer a more guided approach than reading everything i find
Thanks a lot for all the help and assistance,

Hi, I’m a bit of an outsider here. I use JRuby for hobby programming. I
suspect with your Android project you may find you have stuffed the
whole slice of toast in your mouth at one time.

In my opinion learning JRuby is the same as learning Ruby. EXCEPT - you
can do a whole lot of things with JRuby that are difficult or almost
impossible with MRI Ruby. For example you can easily deploy JRuby apps
to other PCs, including PCs with other operating systems. JRuby gives
you access to all of the hundreds or thousands of Java libraries. JRuby
can develop GUI apps using Java Swing and similar stuff.

The simplest way to use JRuby for an Android app is with SL4A but it
doesn’t gives access to the full Android API.

Ruboto gives access to the full Android API but (in my opinion) it is an
extraordinarily and unnecessarily over complex implementation.

I have managed to implement JRuby on Android with about 50 lines of Java
code but I absolutely would not recommend it for a beginner’s student
project because it is completely unsupported. Nevertheless have a look
at it (I’ve called it JRonA) if you are interested to substantiate my
criticism of Ruboto.