Introducing the Ruby 1.9 or Bust Project

The other day I was talking with some friends about Ruby 1.9. We
where talking about the transition and the catch 22 of not moving over
because most of the gems are not ported yet and not having time to
update our gems because we’re not moving over yet. It occurred to me
that there just might be a way to speed this process up for everyone.
I’d like to introduce to you the Ruby 1.9 Or Bust project at The basic idea is to raise money to have a
developer dedicated to porting gems to 1.9. My goal is to be able to
spend 240 hours over the next 3 months moving gems, working with
maintainer to foster releases shepherding patches. If you feel like
this is a worth while goal please head over to
to read more and to pledge what you can.

Thanks You,

Rob K.
Full Throttle Development

nice idea. thumbs up.

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