Introducing SyncWrap, a provisioning and deployment tool

Docs: RDoc Documentation
Source: GitHub - dekellum/syncwrap: A rather direct provisioning and deployment system in ruby, bash over ssh, and rsync.
Background: SyncWrap for Engineers
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Provision Programming

This is a general provisioning and deployment tool espousing direct
programming in Ruby and a little bash. It will run simply on localhost
or against a local VM for testing. On Amazon EC2, it supports one step,
fully automated host creation, provisioning, and application deployment.
In design it is much more comparable to Python’s Fabric than to the
commercially backed alternatives with hidden Ruby internals.

This is not a Rails-only tool. Releasing this without Rails deployment
support should make that obvious. That said, I would like to collaborate
with an active Rails practitioner to see a better Rails deployment
solution built on SyncWrap. Best known forms of this automation boil
down to pushing files and remotely executing bash scripts, which is a
direct match for this tool. Many other facets of the Ruby ecosystem
could be similarly automated.

Disclaimer: This is Apache licensed software, no warranties, your AWS or
other usage and expense is entirely your own responsibility. Deployment
tools don’t kill people, people kill people.

I would greatly appreciate any direct feedback, questions, or pull