Introducing myself to gnuradio ml

Hi all,
A friend borrowed me his USRP w/ basic rx and tx, dbsrx and tvrx.
I’m an undergraduate computer science student at Campinas University
(Campinas, Brazil).

I’m just starting to study RF, and my main target (I know it could take
years to accomplish the task) is to receive Digital TV.

Brasil uses the ISDB-T standart that uses COFDM modulation.
The 6Mhz channel is divided into 13 segments - 12 segments for HDTV
64QAM and 1 for 1seg using QPSK.

The frequency band used is the VHF (7-13) and the UHF (14-63).

Well, I realized that there are code in gnuradio for OFDM!!

I wonder how can I get the TS from the air : )

Can anyone point me where to start?

Thanks for the great project,
Rafael D.

sorry about the noise, but I just found the official standard!
in portuguese.

Now I know that my knowledge to do something in the area is close to

rafael diniz

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