Introducing GNU Radio's new logo!

The GNU Radio project has grown tremendously over the past couple of
years. We’ve gained a significant number of contributors and users and
have seen a wonderful growth of applications, both “in the lab” and
deployed in the field. The project community is maturing into a
full-fledged ecosystem: working groups, conferences, hardware vendors
advertising they work with GNU Radio, and a good number of people
building their professional careers (and livelihood) on the project.
And I’m very proud of where we are with the code as the basis for all
of this incredible activity.

Representation of ourselves and our project to groups and people
outside of our community is growing increasingly important. We are
really excited that so many people are proud to associate themselves
with GNU Radio. As part of this community growth, we are unveiling our
new logo to provide a new look and feel that represents our project as
well as the community we are a part of.

I have put the logo up as SVG files into a github repo for everyone to
access and use for your purposes. The README explains the licensing,

I will be updating the website tonight to reflect the new logo.

Tom and the GNU Radio development team

Hi Tom,

The new logo looks nice. I also like the new grey/orange style on the