Internet explorer sql error

hi im trying to working out with nginx expcially i am facing many error
after changing webserver from apache to nginx i solved most of error
except this i am running search engine script and keyword suggesstion
doesnt work only i.e actually english is ok but other then english dont
work at all e.g russian,arabic,greek,chineese i get all this error
message(with apache i dont get this error working fine) how can i
solve this is there any code i can put in my vhost conf file i am newbie
on nginx please explain to me how to do that thanks

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Please report about issues with respect to “English writing” rules, it’s
really mess you wrote before.

IE uses activex object for ajax requests. Try to trace HTTP headers for
both cases and test your ajax target by yourself. Try to open in IE your
suggestions script and pass some query to it.

Also, post your nginx.conf.