Internet Explorer Drag n' Drop bug redux

I know it is not a new story, but, I have a drag-n-drop problem that
only shows up in IE. There are already myriad issues in in this forum
IE bugs with IE, but yet in all the postings I’ve read, I’ve not found
any clearcut solution. So, I figured that I’d throw it out to the

I have to divs: A & B

A contains draggable elements [e1, e2, e3]

The idea is simple, I’d like the user to drag elements from div A to div

Here is my draggable code:

<%= image_tag(“icons/cds/#{abcde}.png”,:id =>"#{abcde}",:class=> ‘icon’)
<%= draggable_element “#{abcde}”, :revert => true %>

Here is my droppable code:

<%= drop_receiving_element “cell-1”,
:url => { :controller => ‘/some_controller’,
:action => “receive_element”, :position => “1” },
:hoverclass => “active” %>

This work in FF always! (good)
This works in IE once! (bad)

  1. Questions:

  2. WTF?

  3. Why the F?

  4. What the F can I do to fix it?