International Obfuscated Ruby Coding Contest 2006!

Hello all.

I noticed that there was an IORCC 2005, but that the site had lanquised
and that only the blogspot url still remains active. To this end, I
took the initiative to register in hopes that we could carry
on an obfuscated coding challenge. So, this is to announce the
International Obfuscated Ruby Coding Contest 2006. Entries to be
accepted until November 30th, and winner(s) to be decided by December
31st, 2006.

Right now, as this is a small project in what little spare time, updates
will be sparse and there’s no mailing list or anything to inform people
of what’s going on, so you will just have to keep checking (once a week will probably suffice).

As well, I’m of the opinion that we should have two categories - one for
those coding with “pure” ruby (only the built in classes, modules, and
methods, listed here : and one for
those who want to use extensions and other things. Any thoughts?


Oh yes, and before I forget… irc://freenode/#iorcc for all those who
like IRC :smiley: