Internal Server Error Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

Hey all,

When running a cucumber test, I get this:

Internal Server Error
Mysql2::Error: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction:
INSERT INTO users (address_1, address_2, address_3,
can_receive_sms, city, completed_terms_on, country_id,
created_at, current_sign_in_at, current_sign_in_ip,
department, email, encrypted_password, fax, first_name,
force_update_password, gender_id, invitation_accepted_at,
invitation_limit, invitation_sent_at, invitation_token,
invited_by_id, invited_by_type, last_name, last_sign_in_at,
last_sign_in_ip, middle_initial, mobile_phone, notes,
organization_id, organization_type, postal_code,
remember_created_at, reset_password_sent_at,
reset_password_token, sign_in_count, state_region, timecop,
timezone, title, tmp_password, user_state_id, user_type_id,
username, work_phone) VALUES (’’, ‘’, ‘’, 0, ‘’, NULL, 1,
‘2012-01-19 23:26:32’, NULL, NULL, ‘’, ‘[email protected]’, ‘$5a
$02$1/mAgbgewxsVz8MLh0B4ievdEeyASECbjMgCSAPwfv294MJUMwg0S’, NULL,
‘user1’, 1, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, ‘user1’, NULL,
NULL, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, 1, ‘Client’, ‘’, NULL, NULL, NULL, 0, ‘’, 0,
‘America/New_York’, ‘’, ‘ADFCGCJ’, 3, NULL, ‘user1’, ‘0432156789’)

The test fails on this method:

def create_user(roles)



click_link 'Users'

click_on 'New User'

role = Role.find_by_key(roles)
user = Factory.create :user, force_update_password: true, roles:


site = Factory.create :site, site_state_id:

user.organization = site!

%w{username email first_name last_name work_phone}.each do |field|
  fill_in "user_#{field}", with: user[field]

select_second_group_option 'organization'

if roles.to_s.downcase == "site"

fill_in 'password', with: user.password

select "America/New_York", from: 'user_timezone'
select "#{}", from: 'user_role_ids'
select "USA", from: 'user_country_id'

click_on 'Create User'

return user


I tried the following already:

1)trying dumping and adding new database

  1. tried modifying my.cnf log and added this:

  2. Copying the sql and running it in mysql directly worked fine so not
    a problem with sql itself:
    Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

  3. The following gives undefined method for some strange reason (even
    though I copied directions):
    ActiveRecord::Base.verification_timeout = 570

  4. Tried using development database rather than test database

thanks for response